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Understanding PIP Pipe

How to attach Pipe to your Gate

  1. Check your pipe and make sure it is PIP Pipe.
  2. Cut the pipe to the desired length as evenly as possible. 
  3. Lay the gate down with the slider side facing down.  Do not insert the slider.  
  4. Apply a ¼” bead of silicone around the inside throat of the gate (see pictures below).
  5. Insert your pipe and push it all the way through the throat until it reaches the stop on the slider side.
  6. Insert the shims with the smooth side against the pipe to create a tight fit.  Don’t push the shims in so tight that they distort the shape of the pipe.  Just get them snug. We suggest: 2 shims for 8” pipe, 4 shims for 12” pipe, but you may need less.
  7. Secure the shims and the pipe by drilling a guide hole through the throat, the shim and the pipe.  Repeat until you have guide holes for all shims.
  8. Attach the screws through the guide holes.  These are not self-tapping screws.  A guide hole is required.
  9. Stand the gate and pipe up and wipe any excess silicone from the slider area.  Check for gaps and apply silicone in any area where there is a gap between the pipe and the throat.
  10. Insert the slider to ensure there is no silicone in the slider guide then removed the guide and allow the silicone to dry.